Bold and Broken

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Motivational speakers and nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham show how boldness and brokenness provide a firm foundation for Christians to stand in the gap for their faith. Through moving true stories about believers who have stepped into the gap between heaven and earth to address someone else’s needs, the Benham brothers inspire us to find our strength, our humility, and our calling.



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"I've asked God to show me how to be a tool in His hand as He builds His Kingdom, one person at a time, and exports the principles of Heaven to Earth. David and Jason Behnam's new book is full of wisdom, funny stories, and a practical answer to that prayer! Not only do they tell us how to join with God in this cosmic-sized mission, they inspire us with examples of real people who are doing it today! This book will challenge you, motivate you, and guide you as you seek to live a life of connecting Heaven to Earth."

Kirk Cameron, Television and Film Actor


"We love the courageous hearts of the Benhams as they share the love of Jesus in tough places, speak up for the unborn that have no voice, and boldly proclaim the Word of God to this generation.”

Stephen Kendrick, Producer of War Room, Courageous and Fireproof


“In our increasingly divided and secular culture, David and Jason Benham are a breath of fresh air with their unapologetic devotion to Christ and their love for others. They are some of the most mission-minded people I know, constantly seeking to bring the mercy and truth of Jesus to those who cross their paths. Bold and Broken is sure to light a fire under many folks who long to have an eternal impact for the Kingdom.”

Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family


"Faith in God and sacrificial service built America into the greatest, most prosperous nation in human history. Unfortunately, much has changed and the results are devastating to our family, friends, and neighbors. David and Jason Benham have dedicated their lives to pointing the way back to a nation God can bless again. More than that, they are leading the way with their lives, ministry, and now this book. Bold and Broken is packed full of the inspiration and equipping we need to pull America back from the brink. I strongly encourage you to buy, read, and share it widely."

David Limbaugh, Best-selling Author of Jesus is Risen and The True Jesus


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